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This resource was created to provide guidance, answers and insight to those thinking about becoming a Utility Warehouse partner. I believe that, by nature, people want to help others. I want to help you make an informed choice when it comes to Utility Warehouse.
Since its beginnings, this website has grown to also include valuable information for business owners and entrepreneurs. I provide my own insight from firsthand experience, along with contributions from trusted peers.

Below, you can find out more about myself and my regular contributors.

About Stuart Ritchie

Stuart Ritchie - Utility Warehouse Distributor

Most of my professional career was spent in the finance industry. I worked for many years and earned good money, but had no control over my life. Wanting to regain that control and go it alone, I also ran my own property business. But the stresses of staff, cashflow and huge borrowings made it an unenjoyable experience, to say the least!

In July 2007 I was introduced to a simple, proven business system called Utility Warehouse. I worked only a few hours per week, building a passive income (QUIP – Quick Income Plan – didn’t exist when I started!) and reducing my working hours over time.

I’m a big family man, so this allowed me to spend more time with my partner and children, which was and still is my top priority. After a couple of years with this part-time effort, I had created a still-growing passive income that surpassed anything I had previously earned.

I finally managed to leave the commuter lifestyle and effectively ‘retire’ at the age of 38.

I am looking for motivated, switched-on people and business owners who are serious about building a new income stream.

Outside of work, I have a busy family life. My fiancée, Victoria, and kids take up most of my time! I play golf (badly) and enjoy warm holidays with a good beach. I have a great balance in life, spending plenty of time at school events, choosing when I work and when I play.


Stefan Thomas

Stefan Thomas headshot

After over 750 networking events and a massive amount of social media activity over the last eight years, I’ve made all the mistakes you could make. But you don’t have to. I can help you to accelerate the results you get from networking, based on my experience and love of networking as a route to market.

Please be sure to read my blog articles on here, as well as my book Business Networking for Dummies.

John Richards

John Richards headshot

John Richards, the author of Deeper, has been my friend and mentor over recent years. He has helped me navigate life’s journey, through its ups and downs. Most of all he has helped me become aware of who I am and, importantly, also allowed me to develop and grow to achieve my full potential in life.

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