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Change the World with 4 Small Steps

Change The World With 4 Small Steps

So you want to change the world? While many people share your dream very few actually do. While it seems an insurmountable task it is my belief that the reason change does not happen is because people are approaching it the wrong way. They focus on trying to create wide sweeping changes in the political and social structures around them. The problem here is that these structures have engrained and embedded for so long that change is almost impossible.

Once people realise that world altering change is difficult, they begin to give up on their dreams. These dreams slowly wash away and get replaced with “Realistic” goals that other people have influenced. It may be that you have experienced this yourself.

The truth is, no matter how big or daunting your aspirations are, they are possible. There are countless examples of people throughout history that have changed the world, started their own business, run a marathon or climbed Mount Everest. No matter how big your targets seem, remember that they are possible and there is one thing that will ensure success no matter how big they are.

Change the World? – You are the Key!

You are the most common denominator and if you are going to change the world you first have to look at changing and improving yourself. It is important look at and consider your mentality, your habits and your actions. It can be hard to identify your own flaws or weakness but actively looking to change is a huge step towards making massive positive impact on the world.

Here are four steps that you can take today to change yourself positively.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others.

It is common to compare yourself to others. Typical channels for comparison is social media. Platforms such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook are great outlets for people wanting to showcase the best and most positive updates. Maybe you see a friend posting in front of a huge new car or traveling the world and this starts to make you feel bad about yourself.

Let’s be honest, it is no secret that we all paint a slightly different social picture, a slight smoothing of a few rough edges. With this is mind, the key is to understand this and not use social media as a benchmark for you and your identity.

Social media is not the only outlet for comparing yourself to others, it is something that happens all the time at any place. The success you will drive from these comparisons is to understand that you are on your own path, as is everyone else you encounter in life. You are going through your struggles and they are going through there’s. Stop using your perception of them to shape who and how you are.

Be as genuine and authentic as possible.

Without making this article driven entirely by social media, it is an important social driver that needs to be carefully managed. Many people use social media to portray themselves in a significantly more favourable way than they would normally be. This has led many people to believe that social media is partly responsible for higher levels of narcissism amongst people in real life.

But what does it mean to be genuine and authentic? For the most part is means being principled to your beliefs, not lying in an attempt to make yourself look better and stating how you actually think and feel. Considering these areas and keeping this thought front of mind will help you success in all areas of life.

Generosity and Empathy

Two incredibly undervalued tools. To use them properly, you must first understand what they are. Generosity is about giving to other people without expecting anything back in return.

Many people view generosity one-dimensionally, unfortunately. Many people view generosity as the act of giving money away, often to charities. However, this is an incredibly limited view of what generosity is. You can be generous by giving a service, a good, money, or some advice.

You cannot expect a return when you’re being generous. If you’re giving money away simply because you expect it to raise your status, or to lower your tax liability, then you’re not being genuinely generous.

Empathy is about the ability to listen to other people’s problems and understand what they are going through. You’d be surprised at what people are willing to tell you when you simply become empathetic to them and allow them to open up.

When you’re incredibly empathetic and generous with others, it allows you to grow closer to the people that matter in your life. Even without an expectation of return, you’ll find that your generosity and empathy will be rewarded eventually.

Improve and Change what is Closest to you.

Many people have changed the world and will continue to do so for generations to come. It is possible, look at how much has changed in the world in our lifetimes, people have been instrumental in changing everything we have come to know about our lives. It is not beyond you to achieve something huge.

To make the largest difference does not always take the largest actions. Sometimes all it takes is changing the things closest to you. Help a friend, listen to other problems, offer an emphatic ear to someone troubles. You will be surprised how much difference you can make to the world just through small but significant changes. Try and change the things closest to you, you will likely see a quicker and more rewarding change from the smaller things, then use that to build momentum to take on the larger issues that you are facing.

Recognise that you can change the world, starting today, simply buy changing yourself. The four steps above are crucial to making a positive impact on the world. Then when you are starting to see improvements in yourself and those around you, use your new positive outlook to take on larger issues and generate a bigger change.

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