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If you are an expert, people should know!

If You Are An Expert, People Should Know!

Are you considered a local expert in your industry? – If you’re not, you’re missing a great opportunity for you to focus on and improve on your marketing. It’s a long-term, slow-burn way of raising your profile and increasing the awareness of your business. Positioning yourself as an expert builds a personal brand and trust.

The Benefits are Bountiful

If you are out in the community, online or face to face talking about your business and industry, it is an opportunity to present those around you with knowledge and information that is unique to you and your expertise. This will inevitably result in positive associations with you and your brand. You are seen as an expert. This first step in raising your profile can help you gain followers, attract customers and make a difference in how you and your business are viewed. Positioning yourself as an expert has a big payoff if you look at the potential long-term benefits to your business.

For the Greater Good

The first step in positioning yourself as an expert is networking. Find opportunities that not only align with your brand values but find those that challenge you to step out of your comfort zone. Stepping out of your comfort zone can only improve your public speaking skills, your connectivity skills and build confidence in ways you’re most likely not considering important right now. Try joining a networking group, Chamber of Commerce or community organisation with a focus on business development. By networking with locals, you are getting away from the grind and having the chance to share your business and industry knowledge. All parties benefit.

Be Newsworthy

An increasing area of focus for industry experts is press, content platforms and online publishers. One of my favourite tips for building brand awareness is to work with reporters and/or news outlets on content for their publications. If you get an opportunity to speak with publishers in a professional capacity, you should be well informed and present yourself in a way that aligns with how you are positioning your brand. Careful planning and preparation is key.


Go “ALL IN” for Events!

Find ways to be a part of industry events, host workshops on your expertise. Share knowledge in front of groups. Typically, in event settings, there is also a great opportunity to cross promote with industry peers and event organisers. Think big and find ways to work with others on events that offer people value added content by having a mix of experts in the room. Make the content meaningful and interesting. Commit and allow yourself the time neededtop prepare properly.

If you truly have knowledge that is of benefit for others in your community it is important to share your expertise. This enables you to build trust, build a brand and bring yourself to the front of peoples mind when your expert subject matter is discussed. With a clear plan and approach as well as a keen eye on the long term benefits you will see positive results.

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