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Many will tell us to follow our heart with the best intentions but this is an illusion. Instead, we must first submit to the work that results in us knowing our heart. Then the path ahead will become absolutely clear.

John has spent over 18 years working in Crisis Intervention with a vast range of clients and organisations as a Senior Manager, Writer and Consultant specialising in Change Management, Awareness and Holistic Development.

He now collaborates with some of the UK’s leading Performance and Development experts to deliver opportunities for exponential organisational and personal growth. John’s work utilises a unique and revolutionary framework developed over thousands of hours of practical experience, that connects his clients with their all-powerful subconscious.

John Richards was born in Exeter in the UK in 1976, later moving to North Portugal where he studied for an International Baccalaureate at the multi-national OBS; the oldest British School in Europe. John read English Literature at Queen Mary and Westfield College, the University of London, from where he graduated in 1996.

In his early twenties, John started his career in Crisis Intervention, working with a vast range of vulnerable people including both the victims and perpetrators of severe abuse, street homeless teenagers, asylum seekers, and numerous other complex client groups in need of safety and change. John s specialism became the leadership and development of 24hr staffed therapeutic communities focused on the healing and growth of vulnerable young people. He has specialised in this area for over 18 years as a practitioner and then operational leader for a national provider.

Johns book is rated highly and available through Amazon. To purchase please CLICK HERE.

If you would like to find out more about John Richards, his Website is ideally suited to help you find out more.

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