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The Utility Warehouse Opportunity

Utility Warehouse is a multi award-winning energy supplier. With more than 600,000 customers, they are now one of the largest energy firms in the UK. As well as gas and electricity, Utility Warehouse offer home phone, mobile phone and broadband services. As a new customer, you benefit from offers, discounts and rewards for your loyalty.

We have long been strong supporters of the Utility Warehouse model of business. Their service has won many awards and the opportunity is a great way for people to make money.

As a result, I have chosen this as the Featured Opportunity out of my franchise opportunities list. They are mindful of the saving they want to deliver their customers. In order to achieve this, they keep a close check on their marketing. As a result, they do not waste the money and can give back to their customers through great rates, offers and more.

If you would like to know more, please see our Utility Warehouse Franchise blog.

Working with fairly-rewarded partners allows Utility Warehouse to focus its attention on marketing and customer acquisition. This method has been proven to work and helps to build new revenue for the business. This is where the savings for customers and partners are made. These savings are distributed fairly between partners and customers. Partners are able to build an income that could replace their current one and customers can receive great rewards.

For more on the Utility Warehouse opportunity, please watch Derek Mann’s testimonial below. It gives me great pleasure to know that I am helping someone and can make a difference to their life.

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Featured Opportunity

Utility Warehouse logo

Utility Warehouse Opportunity

Utility Warehouse is a multi award winning energy supplier now strong positioned as one of the largest energy firms in the UK with more that 600,000 customers.
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