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Personal Development

Countless successful business men and women throughout time have always looked inwards, recognised their weaknesses and activity seek to resolve them. Allowing yourself to recognise where you need to improve and making real effort will have a knock on effect to all elements of your professional and personal life.

John Richards

What For You Is Non-Negotiable? – By John Richards

John Richards, author of Deeper, has been my friend and mentor over recent years. He…

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Four yellow balls with different facial expressions drawn on them

Change the World with 4 Small Steps

So you want to change the world? While many people share your dream very few…

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A woman with her arms stretched out in front of a bunch of balloons

How to Explore our True selves.

John Richards, an expert in Crisis Intervention, personal growth and author of new book Deeper, explores…

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7 Tips Every Networker Needs to Consider

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