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What is Network Marketing?

What Is Network Marketing?

Network Marketing or multi-level marketing gives business men and women an opportunity to work flexibly, allowing you to choose your working hours and build a business through a network of like-minded individuals.

There is typically a low up-front financial commitment, in most cases the initial investment is for initial product samples, training or marketing material depending on the opportunity you are exploring. The concept is that you will sell a product or service to your network of friends, family and other personal contacts, gaining on going commissions for successes you deliver. Most network marketing programmes ask participants to recruit other sales consultants, building a network of professionals under them that help build and maintain an ongoing income for the successes they deliver.

The key to success is to fully understand the make-up of the offer, understand where the key opportunities sit and where the largest revenue drivers sit. Understanding the motivation of the overarching organisation, the ethos of their business. As a general rule, if the network marketing programme is asking you to only recruit new participants if can be considered an illegal pyramid scheme, which you would want to avoid.

It is vital that you do your due diligence, network marketing programmes are usually exempt from typical business regulations such as franchise laws. Make sure you explore all opportunities and investigate thoroughly before you invest your money, however small.

The advantage of working with network marketing opportunities is that you truly can evolve a lucrative opportunity that rewards hard work and success. As relationships are built you build a network professional that are all working together to build success together. As your network grows you will evolve into an experienced advocate of the opportunity giving support, training and insight to new members.

The network marketing model is a successful due to the lack of advertising and marketing spend by the organisation. Instead, the potentially huge marketing budgets are repositioned to reward network marketing success and those responsible for the sale and support of new business.

Network marketing opportunities are solely commission based where participants are paid commission based on the success they delivery. Success can be easily achieved with the right product and company, participants are also the consumers of the network, hence receiving discounts and other attractive offers when joining the programme.

Network MarketingOne key opportunity that we have personal experience and success with is Utility Warehouse, a multi award winning utility provider giving customers great savings and service by bundling their Energy, Home Phone, Broadband and Mobile phone services, the only company in the UK to offer this combination. One monthly bill covers all services, putting the customer complete control of their spending.

We are proud of the service that Utility Warehouse offer and excited to be part of their team. If you are exploring Network Marketing opportunities and would like to find out more, please click here.

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