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Why become a Utility Warehouse Distributor? Stewart Apps’s Story

Why Become A Utility Warehouse Distributor? Stewart Apps’s Story
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So, you’re wondering what’s in it for you if you become a distributor with Utility Warehouse?

As mentioned in our Utility Warehouse Franchise: How it Works blog, Utility Warehouse helps provide you with the tools to start your own business or side hustle, so you can support your primary income and save for the future.

I recently spoke with one of my distributors, Stewart Apps, who runs his own business but wanted to generate some additional income. Utility Warehouse is the ideal solution for anyone who is self-employed or doesn’t have a pension and needs to build a nest egg. This is exactly what Stewart had in mind when he decided to come on board as a distributor. (Spoiler: scroll to the bottom of this page for the full video with Stewart!)

What process did Stewart go through to become a distributor, and how was he supported by the franchise?

What’s the process?

1. Initial Opportunity Presentation

The first step in finding out more about how Utility Warehouse works involves coming along to an initial presentation where your local representative will explain exactly what’s in it for you. This includes financial opportunity, what the company has to offer in terms of reputation, as well as hearing stories from other distributors.

2. Ongoing support from your UW partner

As a Utility Warehouse Partner, it’s my role to coach any new distributors coming on board, offering support and guidance to them throughout the process. Your Utility Warehouse partner should always be on the end of the phone or available to meet if you need. I mentor Stewart to ensure he is fully supported and capable of getting the most out of being a distributor.

3. What can you expect as the outcome?

To date, Stewart and his Utility Warehouse team have “helped over 300 families save money on their utility bills every month”, with the support of Stuart Ritchie. The team is growing and it is generating extra monthly income for Stewart, which will increase over time for his nest egg. Suddenly his retirement isn’t looking like such a distant goal!

Watch Utility Warehouse Distributor Stewart Apps talk about his journey with Stuart Ritchie below:

Does this journey sound appealing? Get in touch with Stuart if you’re interested in becoming a distributor or would like to find out more information.

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